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Our goals extend beyond providing just education and opportunities to such students.

A lot of the times, such students think lowly of themselves because of something they have no control over. They eventually give up on their goals due to the harsh environment of today’s landscape. This toxic environment was created due to a long list of reasons, some historical as well. We hope that the students that we bring out of the darkness will be able to tackle these problems since they themselves have faced it and don’t want anyone else facing the same problems. Thus, we want to end the cycle of suffering of those who don’t get as many opportunities.

Mission & Vision

The future of the world depends on the students of today. That is the undeniable truth. Our primary objective is to provide underprivileged students access to resources which they won’t be able to acquire otherwise. Since they form a large section of our society. It is of great importance to provide education to them and bring out their maximum potential for a bright future.

Let the numbers talk!

Countries: 8

Students Taught: 700+

Member Count: 25+

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