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Meet the Staff

An organization in not made by buildings, it is made by the people working for the cause, with a similar mindset and a vision of doing something out of the box.

Swarn Pratap Singh

Founder & CEO

Leading the whole workflow, and HoDs. And take decisions in favor of the org.


Ansh Thakre

HoD Product Dept.

Heading the Product Department, where the basic CODIA's Study Packages are made.

Atharva Kikole

Chief Technology Officer

Leading the whole tech upfront of CODIA, and helping in different technical things involved in the workflow.


Dhruv Dhawan

Head of Marketing & Social Outreach

Basic Marketing and Outreaching is done by Dhruv. Involved in external affairs of the organization.


Rithika S

Chief Community Outreach & Public Relation

Major Outreach is taken care by Rithika. She is accountable for every program's outreaching and marketing.


Shaunak Kulkarni

Head of Video Editing

All the savvy videos are created by Shaunak which helps CODIA stand apart in the eyes of people.


Malhaar Wagh

Head of Content Creation

Leading the Content Team, and assisting the Interns.

Man with Jacket

Rohinish Sinha

Content Creator

Assisting the marketing team.

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Shaurya P. Singh

Graphic Designer

Basic Graphic Designing for our Information Instagram Posts.


Ankitha Ganesan

Volunteer Tutor

Making study material for Eng Dept.

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Aditya Bhushan

Volunteer Tutor

Making study material for Mathematics Dept.

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Sukriti Deep

Outreach Officer

Assisting in the marketing team and connecting NGOs

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